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Hearing Aid Prices exists to provide a win/win, for you as a consumer, as well as our network of preferred independent hearing providers.

Our role is to provide you with unbiased expert advice on acquiring an appropriate hearing device regardless of brand that is just right for your unique hearing needs at a price that fits your budget.

The first site in Australia to list major brands of hearing aids and prices.

Savings on Hearing Aids

Why pay up to $15,000 for the same hearing aid?

Saving of up to 60%

Prices between $10,000 and $15,000 for a premium set of hearing aids is not uncommon. Our price for the same premium brand hearing aids and the same level of clinical service is only $5,990.

Do you really need a $15,000 hearing aid?

client: "The very best top end product is the very least my hearing deserves"


We are therefore free to fit any device currently available on the market today.


We act ethically and in your interests to help you obtain good quality, professionally fitted hearing aids at reasonable prices.

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Phonak - Hearing Aids and Accessories

Phonak - Hearing Aids and Accessories

Roger by Phonak is a digital wireless standard that helps hearing aid users to understand 62%* more (in noise and over distance) than those with normal hearing.

Context is Key: How Context Shapes Conversation

Context is Key: How Context Shapes Conversation

Context is important because it provides the background, information, and circumstances needed to accurately understand and interpret a situation, conversation, or message. It is especially important for conversations with person with hearing loss.

Hearing Loss and Visual Learners

Hearing Loss and Visual Learners

Learning with a disability presents specific challenges for instructors and learners. However, some learning styles aimed at those with a disability are at times misdirected because they are based on assumptions rather than facts.

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